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Parenting strives to give help and tips to parents. Raising Godly children and helping them transition to a Godly life is becoming more difficult in an increasingly secular world.

Twelve Rules for Raising Delinquent Children

Twelve Rules for Raising Delinquent Children -from “Standing Tall” by Steve Farrar 1. Begin with infancy to give the child everything they want. In this way they will grow up to believe the world owes them a living. 2. When … Continue reading

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The Power of Words and How the World Twists Them…

First is the biblical perspective and true definition. Second is how the world (especially now) perceives these words. See the difference? This is why so many people have such a skewed world perspective and why political correctness has even invaded … Continue reading

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A new life brings to light the need for spiritual growth…

Praise God! My wife is pregnant again. Thank you Jesus for being our savior and giving us abundant life! Through the rejoicing, my wife and I were discussing some things that we have noticed. These things were brought to our … Continue reading

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