Apologetics: facts for faith, is a study of the logical, historical, and scientific evidence of Christianity. We will also tackle other difficult questions and criticisms that we face. This category also includes a look at other religions and intellectual arguments facing believers.

Christian Living: gathers tips, advice, and guidance on all life matters. All information is biblical and tested for accuracy. Includes:

Encouragement: for whatever trial or journey you are going through, God wants to encourage you and help you persevere.


Proverbs: Wisdom to Live By, includes application for your life from the book of Proverbs.

Facebook Page Quotes: find quips, quotes, and commentary that has been on our Facebook Page here.

Foundations: discusses certain Christian basics that are vital to a deepening relationship with God. These are cornerstones of your spiritual growth and should not be skipped.

Growth: topics get into the nuts and bolts of growing in your Christian walk.

History: articles educating on true history and it’s ramifications to the present.

Media: features reviews of songs, movies, shows, and any other type of entertainment. Will focus on media that is deeper than just entertainment.

News & Commentary: gives honest reports on current events and articulates their relevance to our lives.

Parenting: strives to give help and tips to parents. Raising Godly children and helping them transition to a Godly life is becoming more difficult in an increasingly secular world.

Relationships: are getting more and more misguided today. The bible speaks volumes on how to have Godly relationships. We will also analyze real word situations and the results of handling them the world’s way vs the bible’s way.

Scripture Studies: accurately explains scripture and how it relates to: your life, your decisions, your mind, and your goals.

Spiritual Warfare:  will give information and insight into what is becoming quite a hot topic. This subject however is not to be taken lightheartedly. Covers everything from curses, the occult, and forces behind the physical realm.


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