About Us

 Grace is a need that all of humanity has, so is transformation. We seek to help you begin AND continue the work God is doing in you. ACG is dedicated to providing regular guidance and inspiration to Christians, both newly converted and those that have been in the faith awhile, anywhere in the world. Our goal is to create a community of Christians growing in the spirit, becoming the light of the world, and acting out Christianity in their lives.


What ACG is not:
ACG is not designed primarily to convert people to Christianity. Although that is a wonderful thing, and the best decision a person can make for their life, this is primarily a “teaching” blog and not evangelistic in nature. 

We are not out to tell others how “bad”  they are. We do not confident certain sins above others. The bible says we are ALL sinners, so none of us is righteous by our own actions. These articles do point towards a conviction of our sins. ACG is not a part of, nor do we endorse, any certain denomination of Christianity. Also, we absolutely do not tolerate or endorse violence/hatred against those that do not believe the way we do. 
What ACG is:
“Applied Christian Growth” means just that. We are here to help Christians apply growth in their lives and spirit. There are a huge number of Christians that are not going deeper in their relationship with Christ and their obedience to God. We are a plain “by the bible” Christian organization. While we acknowledge the fact that the Great Commission is to go out and preach the Gospel to all, we also understand that one of the greatest obstacles to that is Christians who are not being examples of how we are supposed to be living. There are many reasons that many of us don’t engage and grow; we will address those here.

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