Intercessory Prayer

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Intercessory Prayer is a powerful work of the Holy Spirit. This is an outline explaining much about it.

I. Three Levels Of Intercessory Prayer

A. Level One

1. We are all to pray and intercede on some level

2. At times we are all led to pray for people or events in which we have no reason or understanding as to why

B. Level Two

1. The desire to pray will increase as will the length of time in prayer

2. On this level you will pray for more major things happening

3. Knowledge of prayer and appetite for knowledge is greatly increased when a person gets to this level

C. Level Three

1. This level is mostly strategic level warfare

2. It’s like you are becoming a general in the realm of intercession

3. Here you are not only praying, you are also directing the prayers of other intercessors

D. Level Three Prayer Leader classes

1. Pastor-intercessors or local leaders whose daily intercession will mainly involve local church and other things

2. Evangelist-intercessors usually travel and pray for the lost

3. Prophet-intercessors are like spiritual s.w.a.t. teams; they know a specific target and take it out

4. Teacher-intercessors normally become great bible teachers

5. Apostle-intercessors affect almost anything 6. Sometimes your ministry will be changed

***note: all Christians have the duty of a level one intercessor. Christians with the spiritual gift of intercessor are on level 2 or 3***

II. Warnings, Tips, and Possible Problems

A. Holiness, Being Pure of Heart

1. Pride can stop any intercessor

2. It’s not you that is the miracle it is God, you are humbly serving Him

3. Must have patience and listen to God, trust that your prayers are answered (not will be)

4. Must have no rebellion, when the Holy Spirit speaks to you, listen

5. Be consistent and persistent with your prayers

B. Volume Problem

1. Be sure to have others praying for you

2. Intercessors need intercessors

3. Beware of taking on too much, it can leave you burnt out and overwhelmed

4. Look for who or what you are led to be prayed for, don’t do what the Lord doesn’t want you to do

5. Everyone has certain spheres of influence, sometimes it’s not what you want it to be, but you only have authority if you are obeying God

III. Terms of the Trade

A. the Prayer of Agreement

1. This is one of the most powerful weapons that can be used in prayer, essentially two our more people are agreeing with each others prayers, taking advantage of the great strength in unity

2. How to pray the prayer of agreement: a. pray as soon as you receive the request b. pray how the Lord leads you, but insure that the harmony of your prayer is the same as other people’s prayers c. use the same scriptures (that other’s used) as a base for your prayer

3. Basically this is people praying in unity towards a common goal or purpose

B. Praying Through

1. Persistence in prayer until we have the assurance from God that His will has been accomplished

2. How to know when you have prayed enough:

a. when you are no longer reminded by the Holy Spirit to keep praying

b. when we try to pray about a matter and there is no desire to pray

c. when God leads us to scriptures that tell of victory d. when we see the result is finished

C. Breaking a Yoke

1. Yokes are spiritual oppressions and heavy loads that Satan puts on people in order to hold them in bondage

2. How to pray for those enslaved by Satan’s yokes:

a. a 21 day fasting chain is a powerful weapon to break bondage

b. binding and loosing: pray a binding prayer against the power of sin, legalism, occult practices or other sin in a person’s life, forbidding Satan from holding on to that person. Loose the power of God to cleanse a person of the harmful effects these sins leave behind

c. command Satan to stop blinding a person’s eyes to the glorious light of the Gospel

d. if a relationship with fornication or adultery exists, pray that the tie be broken. Pray a loosing prayer wherein you command the person or people involved to be loosed from the wrong relationship e. praising God is a great way to begin or end releasing captives f. receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit

3. Sample: In the name of Jesus, I thank You, Father, that every yoke that the enemy has put on ____ is being broken. Satan, you will no longer cause them to participate in sin. Lord, I thank You that the blindness is falling his/her eyes concerning this sin right now and that the glorious light and truth of Your Word is being revealed to ____.

D. Tearing down Strongholds

1. Strongholds are fortified places Satan builds to exalt himself against the knowledge and plans of God

2. Types of stronghold: a. territorial these control areas of land b. ideological Satan’s dominance over world views c. personal located inside a person to bring Satan dominance

3. When in a person, stronghold create a mindset impregnated with hopelessness that causes the believer to accept as unchangeable something that they know is contrary to the will of God

E. Supplication

1. An earnest beseeching of God to the point of begging

2. Closely related to travailing

3. A “God this must be done now” type of prayer

F. Binding and Loosing

1. Two of the most powerful weapons of spiritual warfare

2. Also known as forbidding and permitting

3. There are two kinds of binding, positive and negative

4. Binding does not have to be done right next to the person; it is just as effective long distance

5. Negative binding is taking on the Enemy and binding His power

6. Positive binding is speaking the word of God over a given situations. Spoken words are powerful; it makes the enemy weaker and able to put up less of a fight against the purposes of God

7. Loosing is setting the captives free from the enemy, it permits God’s will to enter a situation and His purposes to be carried out

8. Loosing can change situations, heal, have physical release, and even raise the dead

9. Examples: negative binding- “In Jesus Christ’s mighty name, I bind the power of the Enemy…” positive binding- “The word of God says that He has bore my pain, so I bind myself to that truth and know that I am healed” loosing- “In the name of Jesus I loose ____ from the influence of the Devil and His minions. I loose the power of the Holy Spirit to come in and free ____ from this evil.

IV. Some Manifestations Of Intercession

A. Travail

1. Given by God, not something that you can initiate to happen

2. Deep groaning inside, which may or may not be audible

3. Sometimes comes as a result of praying in an area that others have prayed in

4. Any believer may be called on to travail in prayer

B. Weeping

1. Life can come into situations that God wants changed and made whole

2. Weeping during prayer is not just for women and is not wimpy

3. It is a sign that you are broken and totally in submission and dependant upon God

C. Laughing

1. Sign that God’s will has been accomplished or the answer is on the way

2. The Lord can laugh through us

V. Becoming A Watchman Of God

A. Sign Up!

1. Tell the Lord that you are willing to be a watchman

2. Actually say it

B. Keep Your Heart Pure so that you can Properly Discern Areas for which God Wants you to Pray

C. Develop a God-Consciousness in Your Life

1. Be aware at every moment that you are on call

2. Being a watchman means being on call for God 24/7

D. Pray that God will Teach you the Proper Time and Place

1. God reveals to intercessors the intimate needs of those for whom we intercede

2. This is a sacred trust, the things you pray for must not be carelessly told to others

3. When God reveals another’s weaknesses:

a. ask for confirmation first to see if you have heard the need accurately. You never want to pray amiss

b. ask God whether or not to tell the person what you have learned

c. if you are to tell the person, pray that God will prepare their heart to be receptive d. there may be times where you need to bring the concern to your church prayer leader

E. Do Not be Afraid to Pray Prayers That May Seem Unusual

1. You may pray for someone you do not even know

2. Walk (pray) in faith and not by sight, and heed the commands/urgings of God and the Holy Spirit

VI. God Given Prayer Roles

A. the Believer’s Role (everyone can intercede/help)

1. Tell the Lord that you want to pray for the things on His heart

2. In your quiet times with God ask Him to stretch you and enable you to pray beyond your natural knowledge about situations that come either directly into your thought life or from prayer requests

3. Spend time worshiping the Lord, as you praise Him, He will sanctify your natural reasoning

4. Open the bible and ask the Lord to give you a living word for this time

5. Listen to God and trust the Holy Spirit to fill your thoughts with His words. Thoughts about others will often occur to you.

6. Sometimes you will feel emotions for the person or event you are praying for

7. It is good to have a journal of what you prayed for and what the results were

8. Even a child can pray prophetic prayers if they are open to it

9. At times prayer will begin generally and God will add the specifics

B. The Intercessor’s Role

1. Intercessor’s prophecy as they pray

2. They have the ability to receive an immediate prayer request from God and pray about it in a divinely anointed way

3. This comes about when God gives an intercessor awareness of a problem to pray about or when God gives a sense of urgency to words that have been spoken previously by a prophet

4. Many times prophets are also intercessors

VII. Prayer Partners for Christian Leaders

A. Types of Partners

1. Inner circle or i-1

a. usually 1, but sometimes 2 or 3

b. Jesus had 3, Moses had 2

c. these are especially faithful in praying and communication

d. they will have a close relationship with the leader that has been built and knitted together by God

2. Outer circle or i-2

a. number for each leader will vary greatly, between 4-100+

b. not all will need the spiritual gift of intercession

c. they will not pray for the leader as often as the inner circle, but do pray for the leader regularly

d. at least have a somewhat casual contact with the leader

3. Congregation or i-3

a. no number limit

b. the leader doesn’t always know the person

c. can be any age

d. they do not pray for the leader very often

4. Crisis or C

a. people that only pray for the leader during particular needs

b. usually needed for traveling ministries

B. Recruitment

1. Inner circle

a. takes great care to recruit these intercessors

b. go directly to God and ask Him, trust the Holy Spirit c. sometimes a supernatural event brings you together

2. Outer circle

a. ask, as in pray to God for them

b. seek, as in sit down and make a list of possibilities

c. knock, get in contact with them

3. Congregation

a. ask people to pray for you if they feel led by God

b. communicate your need for prayer

4. Crisis

a. ask extra people

b. create prayer and fasting chains

C. Profile of an Inner Circle Intercessor

1. Must have the spiritual gift of intercession

2. Close relationship with God, spends much time with Him

3. They should regularly receive word from God

4. The leader should have a high priority in their life

5. There must be open communication between them and the leader

6. Confidentiality between them and the leader is absolutely a non-negotiable essential

D. Four Rules of Prayer Partnering

1. Commitment to pray

2. Confidentiality

3. Ability to listen for God’s direction and share it in a way that isn’t intimidating to others

4. A call form the Lord to pray for the leader and their role

E. Communicating with Prayer Partners

1. E-mail, letter, or phone calls are appropriate, depending on the situation

2. Include a reason for the prayer, results of prayers, praise, and any personal notes

3. Have total accessibility at least for inner and outer circle to reach you

4. Always be appreciative! Thank-you is always a good thing!

5. Be open, vulnerable, and totally honest with your prayer partners

F. Filtering Flakes (Six things to watch for)

1. Bragging people – intercessors must be humble

2. Need for control – they shouldn’t want to control the leader

3. Lust/seduction – obviously this is no good, never meet with the opposite sex alone

4. Sentimentalism – not understanding the seriousness of intercession

5. Pride – wrong motivation, no gossip in intercession

6. Personal emotional needs – watch out for emotionally disturbed people

G. Indicators a Leader may Need more Intercession

1. Leader and family getting hit with physical or mental anguish on a regular basis

2. Leader’s intercessors indicate they are being attacked on a regular basis and are losing quite a bit of sleep keeping the leader covered in prayer

3. Situations in the leader’s life change when they are under attack, but only after long, hard battles

H. How to be an Effective Prayer Partner

1. Come as a servant to the leader, they are not there to meet your needs

2. When you talk to the leader, state what the Lord has given you quickly and concisely

3. Don’t be offended if they can’t talk to you or are had to get to

4. Do not emotionally overload the leader

5. If you have a dream or vision, ask the Lord for the interpretation, if you aren’t sure of it then keep praying

6. It will take time to build trust, be faithful in prayer

7. Confidential trust is hugely important, never break it

8. Pray also for their family

9. The Lord may lead you to focus on a special person 10. Give the leader feedback on a regular basis

11. There are two times a minister especially needs intercession:

a. before they minister

b. right after they minister

12. Pray for protection for your own family as you intercede for others

VIII. Intercessory Praise

A. Prayer and Praise

1. Be joyful in intercession, remember to praise Him

2. They work together; praising and praying to God are always together

B. Praise and Warfare

1. Praise can execute vengeance on the heathen

2. Worship is warfare, praising God binds the enemy 3 Allows us to stand in the gap for others so they may be more easily delivered

C. Weapons of Praise

1. Walking/marching can produce deliverance and set boundaries for protection, battles, and prayer

2. Treading is more aggressive walking and can stop the enemy

3. Singing can break the power of the enemy

4. Clapping often represents the breaking the enemy’s yokes

5. Shouting finalizes victory

6. Laughter is powerful and necessary to intercessory prayer as it provides protection and mocks the enemy

7. The joy of the Lord has many variances

D. Practical Application

1. God will work within our belief systems

2. Begin intercessory prayer with worship

3. Begin worship with songs and singing

IX. Interceding In a Group

A. Types of Group Intercession

1. Intercession for an ongoing event or occurrence

2. A group of people getting together to corporately intercede or do spiritual warfare for their city or a particular area/group

3. A church’s intercession group

B. Characteristics of Group Intercession

1. The group will have a deep humbling before God

2. There will be repentance for individual and corporate sin

3. There will prayer toward a specific goal

C. Effects of Group Intercession

1. Will bring revival and church growth

2. Brings and strengthens unity

3. This new unity brings new power to the specific goal 4. This new strength will show that nothing is too much for God

X. Practical Applications to Group Intercession

A. Choosing a Prayer Leader

1. They must be discreet

2. They must be reliable and faithful toward the ministry or purpose of the intercession group

3. They must not have a need to control people/events

4. They should have a servant’s heart with no aspirations to be the leader or the ministry itself

5. They should be teachable

6. They should be emotionally whole with a stable home life

7. Daily bible study and prayer is a must

8. They must be skilled at bringing correction in a kind way

9. They must tithe

B. A Prayer Leader’s Job Description Packet

1. Statement of church beliefs

2. Commitment oath to ministry

3. Authority statement: spells out boundaries of the leader

4. Schedule of meeting times with pastor/ministry leaders

5. It is wise to put all agreements and requirements in writing

C. Guidelines for Intercessory Prayer Groups

1. Follow the group leader

2. If you can’t follow… do not try to lead the group yourself, pray on your own for the leader

3. Pray with the flow of the meeting

4. Do not break from prayer to have a deliverance session

5. Pray positively don’t gossip

6. Do not use prayer time to prophecy over one another

7. Be sensitive to the needs of the group as a whole

8. Prefer the needs of others to your own

9. Guard your heart with diligence, watch your motives 10. Do not murmur against the leader

XI. Nuggets for Leading Intercession

A. Preparation

1. Ask the Lord for His focus for the time of intercession

2. Seek the Lord’s will as to how He wants focus implemented

3. Spend time before the Lord personally and make sure you are walking in forgiveness toward those in group and church

4. Talk to pastor and ask for any prayer requests

B. During Prayer

1. Make sure each prayer request is prayed through

2. Ask intercessors if there is anything they want prayed for

3. Keep momentum of the group moving, keys to this are:

a. discourage prayer hogs, short prayers are best

b. instruct intercessors to listen for God’s direction in prayer with one ear, and to the prayers others pray with the other ear

c. look out for intercessors with hearing problems

d. keep the prayer focused, prayers should stay on one track until the leader switches them

e. bring correction if needed, one on one correction is best

f. assess spiritual maturity of the group

XII. Prayer Watches

A. What are They?

1. Intense, concentrated prayer for a specific time or purpose

2. Some work on 24 hour rotations and some are church lock-ins

3. If taking shifts, 3 hour shifts are recommended

4. Must have leadership: a. a coordinator would set up the watch b. an administrator helps the coordinator with the practical details c. a prayer captain is the head of each shift

B. Prayer Watch Guidelines

1. If it takes place during a conference, the prayer room should be in the same place as the convention

2. There should be a way available to receive prayer requests without interrupting the intercessors

3. Have a white board to write requests and announcements

4. Display a map of the world or target area

5. Spend time getting to know each other before the watch begins

C. Prayer Watch Focuses

1. Begin each shift with a time of praise and worship

2. Any teaching should be short and involve the purpose of the watch

3. Introduce team members to each other

4. If possible, it is good to serve communion

5. Pray for many things, let the Holy Spirit lead

D. After a Watch

1. Realize that others may not understand what you have been through

2. Watch for backlash from Satan, pray for protection afterwards

3. Continue to keep your emotions under control


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