James 1: Having Faith through Thick and Thin

James 1 talks about the extent of our faith and that we need to remain steadfast in trials of our life. God tests our faith countless times, and it is our job to trust in Him for strength to get through them. It also talks about keeping your ears open and hearing the words of God. But more than just hearing and doing what He has called us to do. Put your faith into God and you will be rewarded.

6- If we ask than we shall receive. This is God’s promise to us and we need to ask without doubt. If we doubt the Lord and show a lack of faith then we will receive nothing, for we are being double-minded. Also, if we should ask for ungodly things to satisfy our flesh we are being double-minded and will receive nothing.

12- We must remain steadfast in our trials. Ask God for help in difficult times; to get you through hardships. Only with His strength can we overcome and resist the temptation to fall into sin. Let us overcome trials through Him who gives us strength and claim the Lord’s amazing promise of life!

22- Who are we if we hear God’s word and then keep it to ourselves? Learn to step out of your comfort zone and serve the Lord. We also will better understand the words of God if we are doers of the word. Never forget His words, for they are life.

Call upon the Lord in your times of affliction. He wants to be there to help you and to be glorified in your life.

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One Response to James 1: Having Faith through Thick and Thin

  1. Taylor says:

    This is really good! It reminds me to call upon The Lord in times of stress, and believe he is faithful!

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