The Power of Words and How the World Twists Them…

  • First is the biblical perspective and true definition. Second is how the world (especially now) perceives these words. See the difference? This is why so many people have such a skewed world perspective and why political correctness has even invaded many churches.


  • Biblical: Accepting others’ Beliefs and practices without agreeing with them.
  • Secular: Accepting that every individual’s beliefs, values, lifestyle, and truth claims are valid.


  • Bibilical: Giving due consideration to others.
  • Secular: Approving others’ beliefs or lifestyles.


  • Biblical: Embracing others for who they are, not necessarily for what they say or do.
  • Secular: Endorsing and even praising others for their beliefs and lifestyles.

Moral Judgments:

  • Biblical: Certain things are morally right and wrong, and this is determined by God.
  • Secular: We have no right to judge another person’s views or behavior.

Personal Preference:

  • Biblical: Preferences of color, tastes in food, clothing style, hobbies, etc. are personally determined.
  • Secular: Preferences of sexual behavior, value systems, and beliefs are personally determined.

Personal Rights:

  • Biblical: The right to be treated justly under the law.
  • Secular: The right to do what you believe is the best for you.


  • Biblical: Free to do what you know you ought to do.
  • Secular: Free to do anything you want to do.


  • Biblical: A standard of right and wrong.
  • Secular: Whatever is right for you.

About Erik Pullum

Married and parent to three wonderful children. I believe that Christianity is a lifestyle that you are supposed to live everyday, not just when it is convenient.
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