Taking Cities for God

***Taking Cities For God***

This is a brief summary of how Christians can affect a spiritual change in areas.

I. Choose the Field of Battle

A. Types of Areas

1. Churches     2. Neighborhoods     3. Towns     4. Cities     5. Regions

6. States/Provinces     7. Countries

  B. Practicality

1. Select a manageable area with discernable spiritual boundarie

2. Many make the mistake of taking on too much

3. Neighborhoods, towns, and cities often make the best choices for bringing areas back to Christ

4. Change enough of these, and regions, states, and nations will change

II. Create Unity

A. The Pastors

1. Secure the unity of pastors and Christian leaders in the area and pray together regularly

2. Have at least a reasonable number meet and pray at least two hours a  month

3. Unity is a must, and it starts with leaders of the body of Christ

   B. Intercessors

1. Work with intercessors and seek:

a. God’s purpose for the city

b. Satan’s strongholds in the city

c. territorial spirits assigned to the city

d. corporate sins past and present that need to be dealt with

e. God’s plan of attack

2. Intercessors are a must have, see the section on intercessory prayer

C. Body of Christ

1. Effort is for the whole body of Christ, not a denomination.

2. Be patient with all the different people and explain their roles clearly,  and base everything on the bible.

3. There is one church and many different denominations, all of which serve a role and can help

D. Right and Wrong Unity

1. There is no such thing as any unity is good unity.

2. Being unified in the wrong is of no use

3. Unity is not the end goal. Keep the vision of changing the area firmly as the main point of unity

4. The idea is to get a corporate vision not a corporate assembly of everyone agreeing on everything

5. Keep the vision simple

6. Rarely, if ever, will everyone be on board in the beginning (or even in the end)

7. Those that are working toward the vision must be in unity

8.  Numbers are not as important as the passion and unity of those that are involved

III. Equipping the Warriors

   A. Facts

1. We, in ourselves, have no power over the enemy

2. It’s all about God and our closeness to Him.

3. The closer you are to God on a scale of 1 to 10, the more you can resist/ fight the devil on a scale of 1 to 10.

4. 1-3 is ground level and the higher numbers are strategic level warfare.

B. Three Things we Must do to Resist the Devil

1. Submit to God, follow His commandments

2. Draw near to God in your personal prayer life

a. have a place to pray        b. make the time

c. have the right attitude, converse with Him

d. format for prayer, Lord’s prayer

e. quality of time comes as you spend quantity of time

f. fasting is an important part of prayer, it’s practicing self denial

3. Cleanse your hand and purify your hearts

a. develop holiness: which means to love Jesus and do what                                   He wants, relationship + obedience = holiness

b. we can be holy, but not holy enough, always grow

c. guard your minds

C. Principles for Warfare

1. Stay in a proper relationship with God

a. know you are born again

b. know you have a good prayer life

c. know you have the Holy Spirit to guide you

d. your heart’s desire should be to know God more intimately

2. Confess all known sins

3. Seek healing for persistent sin patterns

4. Allow others to read your spiritual barometer

5. The higher God calls you, the higher your standards

D. Equipment of Warfare

1. Whole armor of God        2. Blood of Jesus

3. Prayer     4. Praise     5. Name of Jesus

6. Speak the name of Jesus

IV. Spiritual Mapping

A. Seeing our Cities as they Really are: Strongholds

1. We must be able to discern the spirits controlling our cities and nations

2. The real battle is a spiritual one, not against people

3. Our cities reflect the victories of Satan; both temporal and eternal

4. Physical areas under control are separated into:

a. countries     b. regions     c. cities     d. towns     e. neighborhoods                         f. churches     g. homes     h. families     i. individuals

5. We do not know the borders of these areas exactly, but we do know       they are there

6. Families, individuals, and other small amounts of people are handled    with ground-level deliverance and curse breaking

7. Countries, regions, cities, towns, neighborhoods, and churches are considered strategic level warfare.

  B. What’s Really Going on? (Stop blaming the Government)

1. Just as a person can be demonized, a social structure or nation can be             demonized as well

2. Just as a person can be delivered through Christ, a social structure can            be as well

3. Every area has ruling demons called strongmen

4. Major strongmen rule from the mid-heavens and a hierarchy exists between them and the lowliest of demons with direct lines of power connecting them

5. In strategic level warfare we are dealing with the strongman or ruling demons over an area

  C. 10/40 Window

1. 10 degrees north and 40 degrees north includes about 95% of the          world’s unsaved people

2. The centers of Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Shintoism, and Taoism

3. Iran and Iraq are the centers of much of this spiritual evil.

D. See Section on Spiritual Mapping for the Details on how to go about this very crucial part of taking areas for God.

V.  Corporate Repentance

A. Gates to the City

1. Our cities and other areas have, as a group, committed sins

2. These sins then allowed Satan and his minions to take root

3. This sin must be forgiven to allow the full work of God to be done

B. Fourteen Strongholds of Cities or Nations based on History

1. Idolatry     2. Pagan-temples     3. The shedding of innocent blood

4. Abortion     5. Unjust War     6. Witchcraft     7. Mind-control

8. Hatred        9. Removal of prayer from school / people’s lives

10. Sexual perversion     11. Substance abuse     12. Occult objects

13. Perverted media 14. Negative relationships and uncontrolled emotions

15. This is by no means an all inclusive list, these are just examples

C. Repenting the Sins of an Area

1. First, we must identify the sins of the area through spiritual mapping

2. Next, we must confess the sins of that area as Nehemiah and Daniel did for Israel

3. Then, we must ask the Lord for forgiveness through the blood of Jesus, which cleanses areas as well as individuals

4. The final step is to walk in obedience toward the Lord and do whatever can be done to repair the damage of the corporate sin

D. Personal Repentance

1. Remitting the sins of a nation/area cannot be done without confessing and asking forgiveness for our personal sins

2. We must be cleansed in order to cleanse an area, again as Nehemiah and Daniel before us

3. All of this is a powerful road to transforming our areas for Christ

VI. Taking Action (Get on Your Knees and Fight)

A. Secret Weapon: Church Prayer Rooms

1. More and more churches are creating prayer rooms

2. This room should be open 24 hours a day

3. It should have a small altar area, comfortable seats, floor pillows, a telephone line, a computer with internet access, a meeting table, smaller study tables, a world map, a board for prayer requests and prayer results, and anything else that would stimulate prayer

B. Prayer Evangelism

1. Get the Walls Down Between Church and Community

2. Go to those people in positions of authority and ask what their prayer requests are

3. Building relationships with those in charge of the city is never a bad thing, being a Christian means being loving and reaching out

4. Be open about the purpose of making the city better

5. People should see the body of Christ in a good light, not a bad one

C. Innovative Praying

1. Prayer walks:

a. usually in neighborhoods or small cities

b. people walk around and pray for every house and thing on the prayer walk path

c. pray for the prayer walkers before leaving

d. use maps provided through spiritual mapping

e. be guided by the Holy Spirit

f. do not go out alone

g. ask God for his direction, bible verses, and salvation of those along the prayer walk path

2. 24-hour prayer vigils:

a. each church involved picks one day a month to pray all day for their city

b. the church will schedule members all day to pray (tips for this are under prayer watch in intercessor section)

c. this way as few as 31 churches can cover a city in prayer

3. March for Jesus:
a. pick a day for a large (bigger the better) group of people to walk                            for Jesus

b. the body of Christ march from one place to another

c. during this march songs of praise are sung for all to hear

4. Neighborhood houses of prayer:

a. a group meets at a specific place once a week for prayer

b. during the following week members are assigned to pray on site                          for certain targets

c. as the members do this, they attempt to build relationships

d. if the people are not at home, then leave a note with a number to                        call if the people have prayer requests

5. Do not limit the Holy Spirit, be creative with prayer, do it in all places, all times, all ways, and even invent new ways

6. Also never forget that fasting always adds power to prayer and is never a bad idea

D. Guided by the Holy Spirit***

1. This is the most important key; the Holy Spirit should be the overall leader of this campaign

2. Always stay attuned to what the Holy Spirit wants to do, this requires keeping egos in check

E. Putting it Together

1. Intercessors are familiar with praying over areas and use the spiritual mapping done by others to target and focus their prayers

2. Intercessors and spiritual  will also look for the particular corporate sins of the city that need to be repented

3. These groups work under the authority of the pastors who will decide how to apply their information

4. These pastors are then under the authority and blessing of apostles of the city

5. The pastors of the churches will direct the prayers of their churches toward specific goals as well

6. All of this creates a city-wide prayer movement that has great power

7. The goal is to create a draw to becoming a born-again Christian, the early church was very active in the community without sacrificing their values and what the bible stands for

8. Community outreach is a must, there is no limit on the type of outreach the body of Christ can do

9. All of these movements are to be coordinated within the specific purpose of changing the area, and the results of this objective must be constantly communicated to everyone in the Body

VII. Avoiding the Pitfalls

A. Ignorance

1. Not knowing what a person needs to know is the most common pitfall    would be conquerors face

2. Ignorance leads to foolishness

B. Fear

1. Fear of Satan and his minions can stop any plan

2. Some move so far as to say we should have no war against Satan

C. Underestimating the Enemy

1. Spirits can attack and hurt us

2. We should never let our guard down

D. Spiritual Arrogance

1. We must be humble and stay humble

2. We never have the power, it is Jesus, and we must stay in a healthy       relationship with and dependence on God

E. Lack of Personal Intercession

1. We must have people praying for us

2. Look at section on intercessory prayer

F. Unguided Prayer

1. We must see clearly what the Father wants

2. We must listen to God

G. Poor Timing

1. God has a strategic plan and time for city-taking

2. Don’t move without God’s permission, this would be a serious error

H. Empty Rhetoric

1. Do not declare a victory if there is none

2. Do not waste time or be something you are not

I. No Covering

1. Get blessing from churches and as many as possible

2. Your pastor should bless you, everyone needs a pastor

J. Moving Out Alone

1. Always take action in a group

2. Go out in unity, there is nothing that can beat a unified movement of      Christians going in the right direction


About Erik Pullum

Married and parent to three wonderful children. I believe that Christianity is a lifestyle that you are supposed to live everyday, not just when it is convenient.
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