A new life brings to light the need for spiritual growth…

Praise God! My wife is pregnant again. Thank you Jesus for being our savior and giving us abundant life! Through the rejoicing, my wife and I were discussing some things that we have noticed. These things were brought to our attention through our spiritual growth and seeing the way that others perceive the world/God. Always looking for God’s lessons, and seeking to help other’s learn them, has led to the observations below.

#1  Believe in Miracles:      

Miracles get a lot of skepticism from a lot of people, even Christians, but there are still many things that happen in our world that cannot be explained apart from God. In this instance, my wife and I even being able to have a baby is a miracle. Our first year of marriage was rough for many reasons, but one of the hardest things was my wife having three miscarriages. Her doctor proceeded to run tests and concluded that she would never be able to carry a child full term. Her uterus was in the shape of a heart and would not support a full term baby. As you can imagine, this was heartbreaking news.

My wife was 19 and had always wanted to have children, so had I. When we met we had talked about having three, and even had names picked out. Knowing that God gives us desire for things and that He is a good father, we sought Him in prayer. Amazing reaction, because at the time we were not exactly acting on all of our “knowledge” of God, but pray we did. Our answer? Have faith, we will have our children. Thank God and praise Jesus that we listened! A few weeks later I was in prayer and given the knowledge that we were pregnant again and would have our first child. We had changed doctors as ours had a problem with the whole “faith” thing, and the new one did all the tests. They showed not only that we were pregnant, but also that her uterus has changed shape and all would be fine. Now we have two children and one on the way! Miracles can and do happen. We had decided that whatever else we were doing wrong at the time, we were going to follow Jesus no matter what and have faith.

#2    Speak in Confidence:

Being confident in the Lord leads to many blessings. Everyone needs to continue to grow spiritually, and that includes you. However there is one area that I have followed God on and not messed around; that area is having faith in the word of God when it comes to my children. On that principle I have stood strong.  We have always spoken blessings on both our kids. They continue to be blessings to us (and others) and live blessed lives. Inevitably there will be, and have been, storms that arise. Staying confident in the Lord continues to solve these problems and I seek to use the to make my faith stronger in all areas of my life.

#3   It’s okay to expect Blessings to continue:

The most intriguing and confusing thing that was brought to our attention was the vastly off target outlook many people have about how life/God works. This includes many of the believers we know. Believing in miracles and speaking in confidence over our children has shown the us a major error that people are making. God is not a trick to figure out, neither is life, but people sure act that way.

Allow me to illustrate a point, when we spoke about how excited we were to have another child we were told that since our first two are such good kids our last will be a terror.

When we were asked how the birth would be and we replied we thought things would be fine? We were told don’t jinx it!

When our last came out fine, the birth was a breeze (relatively), our son was peaceful, and our daughter was great with him; what response do we largely get? I am so jealous and I can’t stand you!

People do not understand the loving aspect of our Heavenly Father. It is true that there are blessings and curses, but if you are living in the blessings you CAN expect them. That is okay. God, Christ, the Holy Spirit; that is love. The Lord wants to bless us and delights to give us good things. When this happens to another person we should rejoice with them and be glad! If it is not happening in our own life we should learn why and get closer to Jesus, not farther away.

Last point to counter those who may think, “easy for you to say.” About 2 years ago my marriage was in shambles and all hoped seemed lost. Even then we knew that God did not desire us to divorce or stay hating one another. We knew there was a way He could heal the rift between us. When we saw other couples that were happy and blessed of course we had that jealous feeling or annoyance, but only because we wanted that. Instead of voicing our discomfort or staying jealous (which is a sin), we looked and learned to see what was different with them. We sought out God’s answer and rejoiced with those who were making it in marriage. Now we have what we were wanting, and are continuing to prove that He wants to bless us, we just have to serve Him and let Him do it.


About Erik Pullum

Married and parent to three wonderful children. I believe that Christianity is a lifestyle that you are supposed to live everyday, not just when it is convenient.
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