Christian Apologetics: Is Knowing the Answers Your Responsibility?

What is Christian apologetics and why should you care? Well to be honest, I am not fond of the word. It sounds kind of silly to me for some reason, too close to apology as a base word I guess. Anyway, apologetics is the name that have given to answering the questions of Christianity and God. There are many great experts and books in this field, many Christians would be extremely surprised at all the answers there are out there.

Why the surprise? Unfortunately, though most of us have questions, they are kept in the dark corners of our minds and rarely thought about. The fear is that what if we do not have the answer? What if we can’t prove God and Christ? I know right? That is really strong faith. Where in the bible does it state you must have total blind faith? It doesn’t, but many believe that unless they have it they are not real Christians. Still others believe that they must possess blind faith in order to be a Christian. As a result we have two large groups of people that have developed.

The first group is composed of many types of people. They are all non-believers but for different reasons. There are intellectuals, evolutionists, those that have been hurt, former Christians, and many more. This group questions, and sometimes outright ridicules, those of faith. These questions have many goals from those looking for hope to those seeking to turn others away from their belief. This group is growing and getting bolder, largely due to the existence and growth of a second group: non-empowered believers.

The sad fact is that Christians today have largely moved away from doing any real work for God. In the message of personal salvation, many are too focused on ensuring they get to heaven to be concerned with bringing others to Christ. Isn’t that the work of televangelists and pastors?

Actually no. If you combine the lack of personal responsibility, with the fear of opening our minds to questioning faith; the church as a whole has become a weak thing indeed. Make no mistake however, it is the responsibility of every Christian to be knowledgeable about their faith and be willing to answer the questions of nonbelievers (peacefully). The challenge is what to do about it.

Fear not, few are called to be a professor of bible knowledge, and you don’t have to memorize the answer to every question. You should seek the answers to your questions though. Come on, you know you’ve had them. It’s okay, God is loving remember? He understands and has put the answers out there for us. If you hear people questioning, you don’t have to spit up an answer on the spot. Get your information and then present it to them. You will both benefit. Remember this, the point is not to defend the Gospel, it is to help others (and yourself) overcome obstacles to their belief in God. Doubt and fear do not make you an unbeliever, your response to those things does. So you choose to educate yourself and get closer to the Lord.


About Erik Pullum

Married and parent to three wonderful children. I believe that Christianity is a lifestyle that you are supposed to live everyday, not just when it is convenient.
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