Youth Group or Student Minsitry

Youth Group VS Student Ministry

This is from Josh Mcdowel’s guide to Youth Ministry book. I love it as the book really targets what is good for a church to grow vs what is comfortable for most. Obviously a person would want what is being called a student ministry instead of a youth group. Will be going into more detail in a future podcast. This can also be used to compare a church to a growing/evangelistic church or any small group for that matter. The ultimate question is are there transformations taking place? Are we doing the work of the body of Christ? or Are we just entertaining ourselves?

Group  / Ministry 

  • Activity Driven / Purpose Driven
  • Unclear Vision / Clear Vision
  • Inward Focus, Content with Clique / Outward Focus, Compassion for the Lost
  • Minimum Growth / Consistent Growth
  • Songs and Games / Worship and Prayer
  • Keep Tradition / Ask “Why?” and “Is it Working?”
  • Busy in the World / Focused on Kingdom Work

About Erik Pullum

Married and parent to three wonderful children. I believe that Christianity is a lifestyle that you are supposed to live everyday, not just when it is convenient.
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